• we  are very excited to tell all our customers and all our friends that,the time as come all to give full attention to what we have for everyone to enjoy shopping at akpaco's our website has new functionality.
  • we have added the ability on our site,so that the next time you visit you can register an account when you place an order.
  • when you return to the to re-order in the future,you will be able to loin to speed you future order with saved address and payment info.

we also create a space for you to give us your thoughts and experience in our site.however ,we want to thank those of you who have made some purchase in recent time,since then we have update much of our products line,you maybe intereste to know we have added more than 50 new products some of which may be related to your latest purchase.
Once again thanks for choosing akpaco.com for your shipping.

Etim, Akpan

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