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Privacy Policy

Privacy Statement
Akpaco Inc. is a dependable online source and supplier of quality computer hardware, gadgets, and other in demand electronics and home and office appliances. Our operations are always based on legal and fair standards and we respect our online customer’s privacy whenever they do transactions with our company here on our online store.
Please continue reading below for more information on our privacy policy:
Use of Customer’s e-mail address
For our customers who register on our online form, your e-mail address is and will always be kept private and will not be shared to any other company or third party. When you register your e-mail on our webpage, there is no web server collecting the information nor recognizing domain address. We only use information that are shared by our customers voluntarily such as may be the case of online forms, surveys, and registration.
We may use your registered e-mail address to send you occasional ads, promos, and other announcements regarding our latest products. You may block these messages anytime by simply following the instructions to unsubscribe found on our sent messages.
Online Registration
All information and details our customer’s provide when they register on our online form will be kept confidential and will only be used to facilitate purchases and after sales service support or any correspondence with Akpaco Inc. When you give us your e-mail address or other details that may be necessary to process your purchase, rest assured that these details will always be kept private and used only to verify your online account with us and other relevant information such as delivery address, business locations, etc. We will never give away your information to third party suppliers or sellers.
Other Instances Where Additional Info may be Required
If there should be any situation when Akpaco may request additional information from its customers, this information will always be for internal use only. There may be times when more details about online customers are necessary to properly process his or her purchases. Again, these details are just for verification and review purposes.
Terms of Agreement
By registering and conducting purchases through Akpaco’s online store, you signify that you understand and agree to the statement and privacy policy mentioned above and agree that Akpaco and the owners of this website are not liable for any damages that may be incurred during online transactions or any business/sales done via this website. These include:

  • Any direct, indirect, or incidental damages brought about by the misuse of any products in a way that is different from its original intent or purpose.
  • Any consequential or exemplary damages such as loss of profits, data, or other intangible losses that may have resulted from the misuse or inability to use the products and services available and bought from this website.