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Multimedia and Screen Projectors

Most screens out there today are flat screens using Plasma, LCD, or LED to recreate images. While all of these technologies are great in their own right, each one has their benefit that puts it ahead or in the rear of others. Office multimedia projectors use bulbs that light up a screen that images are projected onto. While this type of office multimedia screen allows for larger viewing, often times the quality of the multimedia can be compromised greatly. For example, if the projection surface is not mounted correctly, distortion will be seen during viewing.

Office Multimedia Projectors

Rear Projection TVs

Rear projection TVs are an older technology that a lot of people are still buying and using today because of the quality of picture it provides. Because other multimedia technology has come along, it has forced prices for these rear projection office TVs to be extremely affordable. Although they are much larger televisions and take up much more space than a flat screen, rear projection TVs are often capable of showing high definition video. Rear projection TVs work a lot like a normal office projector does. Inside the rear projection TV, there is a projector that shoots its image onto a mirror, which flips the multimedia image to look correct when it bounces off the mirror and onto the office screen. Because the screen is translucent, we are able to see the image perfectly.

Screen Projectors

Older TV screen worked a lot differently than rear projection technology. Using magnetic tubes and tuners, TVs received an analog signal through the antenna and recreated it onto the screen similar to how a landline telephone works with audio. Office screen projectors are popular because they have a similar look and feel to a movie theater when viewing office multimedia. Newer LED technology is making multimedia projectors so powerful that projections can be viewed without having to turn out the lights.  LED lights put out a lot of vibrant color light without using very much power.

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